Sam Houston & BLK ODYSSY

Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy seamless fuse Alternative soul with elements of 70s Rock & Roll into a new fresh sound. Front man, singer-songwriter & producer Sam Houston & Guitarist Alejandro Rios bring two opposite ends of the Music spectrum to one stage to deliver a sanctifying musical experience. Growing up in the urban city of Plainfield New Jersey, Sam was exposed to Neo-Soul, Funk as well as the Life lessons that brought this music about early on. Sam’s inspiration for writing music was losing his brother in 2010 to police brutality. Alejandro started his rock and roll journey on the beaches of Panama City beach Florida, where he learned the ins and outs of struggle & how it translated into music.  Now, 3 years after the band started in a small home out of Austin Texas, Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy are considered by The Live Music capitals most depended on sources at one of the best bands in town and the band to watch in 2020.

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